Why buy a Parmaker golf buggy?

Thank you for your interest in our range of motorised golf buggies. We are proud of the products we manufacture and know that if you take the time to examine this website you will be convinced that Parmaker make the highest quality, best value electric golf buggy available today. As the advertising says, a Parmaker is simply 'built-better'.

If you would like to receive a Parmaker information kit, simply telephone or email us with your address and we will mail one away to you asap.

The Scout and Scout SE 'walkers'

Parmakers are made 100% in Australia.

Almost every electric golf buggy sold in Australia is made in China. Our competitors might say things like “Australian owned” or “Designed in Australia”, but at the end of the day, they’re buying a cheap buggy from a Chinese catalogue. Any one who plays golf, knows a story or two about Chinese golf buggies.

At Parmaker we make everything ourselves. The frame, wheels, tyres, gearbox and gears are all made in our Aussie factory in Melbourne. We even cut the gears ourselves. We’ve spent 30 years changing and improving our machines to make them strong and reliable. The end result is that you get a better built motorised golf buggy.

The Spirit and Explorer 'ride-ons'

Once again we make every part of the Spirit and Explorer ride-ons ourselves “in-house”, and they are built for golf. Unlike our competitors we don’t import a Chinese invalid scooter and weld a golf bag carrier onto the back. Be suspicious of anything with lights, rear vision mirrors and indicators, as the odds are it was never intended to be used on a golf course (and typically won’t fare too well if it’s used on one).

After sales service

For over 30 years we have been building electric golf buggies, we have constantly revised our designs and improved them. The result is a range of highly evolved, rock-solid machines that will perform game after game after game. We are so confident of the quality built into our golf buggies that we offer a 5 year warranty option on all of our products.

If you do have a problem, you can be confident that it will be fixed quickly and inexpensively. After all, we build every part of every Parmaker sold - as such repairs and services are a cinch for us. It doesn't matter where you live, if you can describe the symptoms to us we will get whatever you need back to you overnight. If you are able to get to our Melbourne factory that's even better, your Parmaker will be fixed while you wait. Contact us.

How to buy one

The easiest way to buy a new Parmaker is online. Just go to the buy online page, where you can order and pay securely through PayPal. Alternatively you can download an order form, print it out, fill it in and then send it to us with your cheque, money order or credit card details. Please do not send cash.

Once we have received your order we will dispatch your goods immediately. You should receive your Parmaker within three (3) working days.

Please note: We cannot ship to post office boxes or RMBs, and we cannot ship wet-cell batteries.

Our products

Parmaker Spirit Ghia Ride on

Excludes battery & charger. Includes rebate. Free freight.

  • $2,560.00

5 year warranty for Scout

Extend the warranty to 5 years on your Scout.

  • $99.00