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​ 15-May-2018   |   Travis Harrison

Does your other half complain that you spend a little too much time on the golf course? We’ve all been there – but don’t worry, you can let them know that regularly engaging in a round of golf of..

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​ 30-Apr-2018   |   Travis Harrison

Use this basic medicine ball throw exercise to help develop power in the swing. It also encourages the correct body movements. Every professional will do this in their daily gym program...

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​ 18-Apr-2018   |   Travis Harrison

Golfing Myth #3 – Golf is 99% a mental game Most golfers harbour the illusion that they could potentially be a professional golfer if they could just get their minds right. Sure, it..

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​ 03-Apr-2018   |   Travis Harrison

Myth Number 2 – “Keep your left arm straight.” (or vice versa if you’re a left hander). When and if this phrase is taken too literally, the “keep your left arm straight” chant ..

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​ 01-Apr-2018   |   Travis Harrison

In this video Travis talks about the easiest way to make your ball draw or fade...

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