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​ 17-Jul-2018   |   Travis Harrison

The long game is all about power and distance in the quest for the putting green, and getting the ball where you need it to go. It can be broken down into three elements: the drive, the fairway shot and the approa..

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​ 01-Jul-2018   |   Travis Harrison

Selecting the correct club when chipping...

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​ 21-Jun-2018   |   Travis Harrison

Golf is not a cheap sport. While playing a round won’t cost you that much, buying the equipment probably will. One of the major costs is for a set of clubs, which can sometimes range into the realm of thousa..

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​ 03-Jun-2018   |   Travis Harrison

Great exercise to help you turn your hips correctly in the backswing, this will give you more power and consistency...

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​ 15-May-2018   |   Travis Harrison

Does your other half complain that you spend a little too much time on the golf course? We’ve all been there – but don’t worry, you can let them know that regularly engaging in a round of golf of..

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