About Parmaker

The story of Parmaker ride on and electric golf buggies

Parmaker set out in 1979 to build the best electric/motorised golf buggy in the world. To achieve this Parmaker’s golf buggies had to be stronger, lighter and more reliable than other companies. We had to use the latest materials and manufacturing techniques and they had to run, and run, and run.

The only way to achieve our objectives was to control every step in the process. From design and engineering, to manufacturing, to field testing.

This commitment to excellence has been a significant factor in Parmaker’s continued success. While other companies continue to import key componentry and materials from overseas, Parmaker remains resolutely ‘Australian-made’.

After more than 30 years in the business, Parmaker's commitment to the principles the company was founded on remain unchanged.

The timeline


Parmaker registered and begins manufacturing the Scout Electric/Motorised Golf Buggy (then called Walker)


The first 3 wheeler electric/motorised golf ride-on scooter model in the world is rolled out and is an instant success.


Parmakers electric/motorised golf buggies and ride on Buggies celebrates the first 10 years in business and 1000% growth since inception.


First high powered 3 wheeler deluxe motorised/electric golf scooter and ride on cart is rolled out and marketed as a ‘Ghia’ (now badged as the Spirit Ghia). Parmaker also becomes the biggest manufacturer of electric/motorised ride on golf cart vehicles in Australia.


Parmaker begins exporting electric / motorised golf buggies, ride on golf scooter and Buggies to the US, UK, South America and Europe.

We can help you

Everyone at Parmaker has spent time in the factory, so if you have a question or problem it is likely that the person answering the phone can help you. Because we manufacture the entire machine we will always have the right part on hand to dispatch to you the same day (if you need it). Buy online electric / motorised golf buggies, ride on scooters and Buggies or accessories

Our products

Parmaker Scout SE Walker

Includes battery & charger. Includes rebate. Free freight.

  • $1,185.00

Removable rear wheels

An option for all ride on Parmaker electric vehicles

  • $100.00