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​ 01-Jun-2017   |   Travis Harrison

One part of the game that is often overlooked in terms of importance is a consistent effective pre-shot routine. Implementing a plan to get yourself ready to hit the ball is almost as important as the golf swi..

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​ 01-May-2017   |   Travis Harrison

Golf does not always have to be about hitting fairways and greens. There will be days where you will need to find a way to make a score from the scrub. I like to call this circus golf as it requires us to have..

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​ 01-Mar-2017   |   Travis Harrison

There are three important areas to becoming a good putter. Aim, distance control and reading the green. Here are some tips to get you lining your putter up more consistently: When addressing the ball ma..

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​ 01-Feb-2017   |   Travis Harrison

Are you the type of player that relies on your sand wedge and/or lob wedge for every chip shot around the green? These clubs are pretty versatile, but having a familiarity with how to use other irons to chip c..

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​ 02-Jan-2017   |   Travis Harrison

Around 50% of all shots on the course are allotted to putting (2 per hole). With such a highly important shot, it’s amazing how little time we actually spend on structured practice. If you can improve yo..

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