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​ 31-Jul-2017   |   Travis Harrison

Understanding learning styles, its important to understand your dominant learning style to ensure you fix your swing faults in the most effective manner. The following video shows the same swing fault fixed in..

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​ 02-Jul-2017   |   Travis Harrison

The yips in putting can be a stressful thing and ruin peoples golfing careers. But if they are identified and correctly fixed then you can continue to enjoy putting. Some of the best players in the world have ..

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​ 01-Jun-2017   |   Travis Harrison

One part of the game that is often overlooked in terms of importance is a consistent effective pre-shot routine. Implementing a plan to get yourself ready to hit the ball is almost as important as the golf swi..

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​ 01-May-2017   |   Travis Harrison

Golf does not always have to be about hitting fairways and greens. There will be days where you will need to find a way to make a score from the scrub. I like to call this circus golf as it requires us to have..

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​ 01-Mar-2017   |   Travis Harrison

There are three important areas to becoming a good putter. Aim, distance control and reading the green. Here are some tips to get you lining your putter up more consistently: When addressing the ball ma..

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