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​ 04-Mar-2018   |   Travis Harrison

The driver is the only club in your bag you want to hit up on, when you do this it reduces backspin leading to a longer straighter flight. Try this drill to help hit up on driver...

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​ 26-Feb-2018   |   Travis Harrison

Over the next few months we will be posting ‘a myth a month’ about golfing! Myth Number 1 – KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN. “You have to keep your head down”. When a golfer clips the..

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​ 04-Feb-2018   |   Travis Harrison

Great little exercise to stop you looking up whilst putting. This will help both consistency and direction of your putts...

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​ 31-Dec-2017   |   Travis Harrison

Most people when hitting short putts of 3-4 feet always aim straight. Even if the putt is short it can still have curve, so make sure you aim for the high side of the hole so your putt falls in not lips out...

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​ 03-Dec-2017   |   Travis Harrison

Too many people chip as soon as they are off the green, only chip if you have too as the shot is much higher risk. Your best chip is normally as good as your worst putt!..

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