Our Promises

28 Day Money Back Guarantee

To receive your 100% refund please drop your Parmaker off at our factory at 12 De Havilland Road, Mordialloc.

If you choose to freight it back to us you will need to cover this cost. A refund will not be given if the Parmaker buggy or ride-on exhibits any signs of misuse, tampering or damage.

$100 Rebate

Bring in any brand of broken down, clapped out motorised golf buggy and we'll give you $100 off a brand new Parmaker. Your old electric buggy must be returned to Parmaker's factory in Mordialloc, Melbourne to qualify for the rebate. Parmaker can put you onto a cheap courier if you require help in this area. Just call our factory.

5 Year Warranty on your golf buggy or ride on

Get an extended 5 year warranty on your Parmaker and enjoy absolute peace of mind. Just $99 for a Scout, $69 for a Scout SE and $299 for a ride-on.

12 Minute Golf Buggy Service

If you are unable to bring your Parmaker golf buggy into our Mordialloc factory, we will happily organise to have it freighted to us (at your cost), then repair it and return to you in a matter of days.

Our products

Parmaker Scout SE Walker

Includes battery & charger. Includes rebate. Free freight.

  • $1,185.00

5 year warranty for Scout

Extend the warranty to 5 years on your Scout.

  • $99.00