Parmaker Spirit Ghia Ride on

  • Parmaker Spirit Ghia Ride onParmaker Spirit Ghia Ride onParmaker Spirit Ghia Ride onParmaker Spirit Ghia Ride on


    Excludes battery & charger. Includes rebate. Free freight.



    Need a 5 year warranty?
    Got an old buggy to trade in?
    Need Two Gel batteries?
    Need a charger?
    Need a car carrier?
    Golf bag carry frame?

    Any orders over $100 will receive free freight.

    Other popular products:

    Two gel batteries for Ride on

    For Spirit Ghia and Explorer. Sonnenschein (20kg, 56Ah)

    • $700.00

    12 volt battery charger

    4 amp Intelligent battery charger. 1 per battery.

    • $125.00

    24 volt battery charger

    24 volt charger. Charges 2 dry batteries at once.

    • $350.00

    5 year warranty for Ride on

    Extend the warranty to 5 years on your Ride-on.

    • $299.00

    Product info:

    The PARMAKER Spirit Ghia golf buggy is built on the foundation for the Spirit, but is a high powered version. Slightly longer, marginally heavier and designed for people who weigh more than 100 kilograms, or play most of their golf on excessively hilly courses. If you fall into either of these categories the Spirit Ghia will offer you the additional power to cruise the course with ease.

    Car carrier
    The ‘Car Carrier’ was specifically designed for people who find it difficult placing the Spirit golf buggy, Spirit Ghia golf buggy or Explorer Ghia golf buggy in the boot of their car. The Car Carrier is bolted to your car’s tow bar. Then it is a simple process of lifting the Parmaker a few inches and then swinging the front wheel into the vertical position. Insert the retaining bracket, screw down the wingnuts, close the padlock and you’re away! Learn more about the Car Carrier.

    See how easily they fold away!
    See how easily the Spirit folds away into a car boot by watching this movie.