Parmaker Scout Walker

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    Excludes battery & charger. Includes rebate. Free freight.



    Need a 5 year warranty?
    Need a gel battery & charger?
    Got an old buggy to trade in?

    Any orders over $100 will receive free freight.

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    T-handle for Scout Walker

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    Product info:

    The PARMAKER Scout golf buggy is the most intelligent electric walker made today. Read on and we’ll tell you why.
    The Scout’s handle is better.
    It offers more comfortable speed control, meaning that you don’t have to constantly be ‘fiddling’ with it.The ability to position the handle for left or right handers is a real bonus too. Though not a big deal for right handers, left handers will be very aware of the difficulty finding products built for ‘molly-dookas’. Parmaker has responded to this ‘need’ and has designed the Scout’s clever handle accordingly.

    The Scout has solid, rubber wheels that can’t get punctured and will give you years of trouble-free cruising (there’s no spokes to catch sticks either).

    The Scout has a remarkable electronic controller which emits a series of beeps to keep you informed on how your Scout golf buggy is ‘feeling’. If you have a flat battery, reversed battery connections or problems in the motor, handle or electronics, this handy little piece of componentry will be sure to let you know.
    Box seat
    The Parmaker Scout golf buggy comes with a handy compartment to store your tees, balls, pencils, scorecards or lollies to celebrate each shot.

    The Parmaker Scout golf buggy is the first electric walker golf buggy to feature reliable front wheel suspension. As you know, golf courses aren’t supposed to be flat. Hills, bunkers, gullys and rough are all designed to make your game more interesting. Unfortunately they don’t make the going very easy for a golf buggy. But with front wheel suspension your Scout will glide quietly and easily over the roughest terrain.

    The Scout has a whopping 200 watts of power at your disposal. This is more than any of our competitors and makes some of them (at just 90 watts) look positively puny.
    Parmaker uses space-age materials to build the Scout. This means that it is extremely light and easy to manage, without sacrificing frame strength.

    Easy pull apart
    The Scout pulls apart in seconds to get you packed up and into the 19th hole faster.

    The Scout golf buggy not only packs up fast, it also packs up ‘small’. This means that it will fit into even the smallest car boot without any trouble whatsoever. The Scout also is thankfully free of the dangerous or loose hinges that plague fold-up golf buggies.

    See how easily they fold away!
    See how easily the Scout folds away into a car boot by watching this movie.