Parmaker Explorer Ghia

  • Parmaker Explorer GhiaParmaker Explorer Ghia


    Excludes battery & charger. Includes rebate. Free freight.



    Need a 5 year warranty?
    Got an old buggy to trade in?
    Need Two Gel batteries?
    Need a charger?
    Need a car carrier?
    Golf bag carry frame?

    Any orders over $100 will receive free freight.

    Other popular products:

    Two gel batteries for Ride on

    For Spirit Ghia and Explorer. Sonnenschein (20kg, 56Ah)

    • $700.00

    12 volt battery charger

    4 amp Intelligent battery charger. 1 per battery.

    • $125.00

    24 volt battery charger

    24 volt charger. Charges 2 dry batteries at once.

    • $350.00

    5 year warranty for Ride on

    Extend the warranty to 5 years on your Ride-on.

    • $299.00

    Product info:

    The Explorer Ghia golf buggy is Parmaker’s top-of-the-range 4 wheeler buggy. It is simply the safest, easiest and most secure way to play golf without the inconvenience or expense of 2 seater Buggies.
    Ease of use
    The Explorer Ghia allows you to follow your own ball with the quiet satisfaction and comfort only an electric buggy can offer. There’s no more of the zigzagging fairways and falling behind that you experience with 2 seater Buggies.

    2 x 500 watt motors ensure you cover the course without breaking into a sweat. The Explorer Ghia also comes with reverse gear built in, a larger seat and a foot-operated brake.

    Being electric, conversation is never in danger of being drowned out with an Explorer Ghia.
    An Explorer Ghia golf buggy is still approximately half the price of conventional 2 seater golf Buggies (and without any of the 2 seater hassles).

    Break it down
    Like all Parmaker products, the Explorer Ghia golf buggy folds down with ease and, with a Parmaker Car Carrier, can be easily transported from home to course and back again (alleviating any problems with parking or storing a trailer).
    Car carrier
    If you prefer to keep your boot free for other things, just get a Parmaker Car Carrier and your Explorer Ghia will neatly fit on the back. Learn more about the Car Carrier.

    Standard extras
    Your Explorer Ghia comes with a larger seat and reverse gar as standard.

    Click here for Spirit technical specifications (PDF)