Two gel batteries for Ride on


    For Spirit Ghia and Explorer. Sonnenschein (20kg, 56Ah)


    Any orders over $100 will receive free freight.

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    5 year warranty for Ride on

    Extend the warranty to 5 years on your Ride-on.

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    Car Carrier for Ride on

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    Large Seat for Ride on

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    Front Basket for Ride on

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    Product info:

    Any 12 volt deep cycle battery will work in our machines, but only a few brands represent value for money. The best quality battery is a German brand called Sonnenschein. On Average, golfers playing two 18 hole games each week enjoy 4 years battery life from Sonnenschein batteries.

    You are very welcome to source your own batteries and chargers. For the Spirit, we recommend batteries of about 40 Ah capacity, and for the Spirit Ghia and Explorer models, batteries of between 50 Ah and 60 Ah. Be mindful that larger capacity batteries will generally last longer, but will be heavier to lift in and out of the boot of your car.